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With more than a decade of experience serving large and small insurance clients, Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS) offers a suite of innovative solutions to support and enhance risk management capabilities before, during, and after wildfire events.


Wildfire Responses on Behalf of Insurers

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Since 2001 WDS has developed innovative technologies and operated wildfire response programs for asset protection and loss prevention. The scale, effectiveness, and capability of WDS are unmatched by any other private wildfire service provider in North America.

Nation’s Largest Insurer Wildfire Service Provider

Utilizing the largest private wildfire fleet in the country and proprietary wildfire forecasting and predictive analysis systems, WDS provides field operation services for insurance companies to protect millions of enrolled member properties across the country.

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Wildfire intelligence gathering and reporting providing near real-time reporting on active wildfires.

WDSrisk and WDSpro

WDSrisk and WDSpro

Through years of technology development, WDSrisk, WDSpro, & WDSed provide the right tools to assess, educate, and mitigate wildfire risk.



Your 360⁰ Wildfire Risk Management Solution.


Wildland Engines Available



WDS’s teams spend tens of thousands of hours each year protecting assets, providing support to clients, and delivering peace of mind to homeowners. We greatly appreciate when the clients and homeowners we serve share the positive impact our programs have had.

WDS is the national leader in private wildfire risk services. Protect and grow your business with the WDS network of wildfire professionals.